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Direct Sales Basics

The Ultimate Secret in Direct Sales

I’m now going to disclose to you the ultimate “secret” in selling ANY product or SERVICE. If you understand this secret and practice using it throughout your entire sales cycle and career, you will have success you never dreamed possible!

The “Secret” we’re talking about is what we call “Name-based Rapport.” In fact, the entire cornerstone of our sales training rests on this secret. It’s such a powerful technique that it can literally help you double, triple or quadruple your sales numbers while saving you an incredible amount of time!

In interviewing thousands of candidates over the past 12 years, we have yet to meet ONE sales person who ever heard of this technique, and we’ve NEVER run into ANY sales person or company that practiced this philosophy. Why? WHO KNOWS! In fact, we’re very excited that no one really knows about it because it allows us to crunch our competition!

How it works:

I’m sure you’ve heard of what referrals are. Anytime you get a sale from a recommendation of someone you already know, you just got a referral sale. Here lies WHY Name-based Rapport works! If you know someone really well, and they introduce you to a stranger, you will more than likely give your attention and interest to the stranger. You may not end up liking the stranger, but you were at least formally introduced. Now if this complete stranger had approached you (without being introduced by someone you both knew,) you’d think they were weird and might even panic!

Name-based Rapport happens all the time, it’s just that people don’t consciously realize it. It works when you get a referral to a new restaurant, when you go to a new resort, or when you ask a best friend to recommend a baby-sitter. In other words, the saying, “It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know” means a whole lot more than most people really understand.

Let’s do a quick example and then we’re going to move on to the sales cycle. Our
Name-based Rapport is also referred to “3rd person selling,” because we use the name(s) of a “3rd person” that is in-common to us AND the prospect to lend credibility to our presentation. A lot of sales people get “call-ins” from interested prospects that heard about them from a third party. But what most sales people don’t understand is that you can create this “call-in” by using the name of the third person at anytime. In other words, it doesn’t matter WHO makes the phone call, all that matters is that the credible “3rd person” or people are mentioned during the sales approach or presentation.

If you don’t understand this yet, make sure you watch the video. It normally takes people a while to “get it” and we’ve found that many sales people (unfortunately) NEVER try it or learn to practice it! Oh well.


Cold-call WITHOUT any 3rd person credible names:

YOU: “Hi, this is Joe with XXX Company. How are you today?”

Prospect: (Thinking- oh great, a sales person) “Fine”

YOU: “We’re offering a special on our new copiers and I’d like to stop by to

 show you our newest model”

Prospect: “That’s o.k., I’m not interested. CLICK”

YOU: Cold-calling sucks)


Cold-call WITH a credible 3rd person name (someone you’re fairly certain the person you’re calling will know).

YOU: “Hi. Is this Bob?”

Prospect: “Yes, can I help you?”

YOU: “This is Joe with XXX Company. I work with Mike Tillson at RR Company and thought I’d give you a call.”

Prospect: (Thinking- I know and respect Mike Tillson, so who’s this guy

 calling me? -he’s interested!) “Oh. I know Mike. What’s he been

 up to?”

YOU: “Well, he just picked up a new WSS Model Copier from me. He’s

 a great customer! In fact, he’s been really happy about getting rid

 of the clunker that they used to use!”

Prospect: “Yeah,

I know how he feels. Our copier pretty-much shot too.”

YOU: “Why don’t I stop by to show you what Mike did and to leave a

 business card?”

Prospect: “Great!”

Can you even get a hint of the difference between the two calls? If you do, you’re on your way. If you don’t see any difference, that’s o.k. Watch the video and you’ll soon start to get it!

The POWER of two, three, four or MORE credible names will get you in to see virtually ANY decision-maker (d.m.), help you get right past the Gatekeepers, and will help you even possibly double or triple your closing rate!

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